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Mac KeyCaps  |  Ancient After Dark modules

Fractal Music

Long, long ago, Chris Sansom created this ancient and venerable MIDI software for the Atari ST with the help of his friend Laurence Glazier, operating jointly as Datamusic.

Quaint though it may seem now in many ways, Fractal Music does still work, and produces results that are still, as far as we can tell, unique. It was even working in the NoSTalgia Atari ST emulator under Mac OS X up to version 10.6 (Snow Leopard), but unfortunately, NoSTalgia is a PowerPC application and no longer runs under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which is strictly Intel only. Fractal Music sort of worked under Lion in another emulator called Hatari, but that's now failed in later versions of Lion. (It does however, we are reliably informed, run in Steem for Windows.)

The full product is available for free download, as is some documentation (to save the PDF file to disk rather than have it open in your browser, right-click or control-click [Mac] on the link).

You can find more information here.

Fractal Music  |  Ancient After Dark modules

Just the one font:

Mac Keycaps

...which, as the name may imply, is aimed at Macintosh users.

If you are a Mac user, and especially if you ever prepare any instructional material which involves showing people what to type, this has to be the font for you!

Mac KeyCaps was designed to resemble as closely as possible the keys on a Mac keyboard - albeit a fairly old one now.

Here's a mockup of a Macintosh Extended Keyboard produced entirely with the Mac KeyCaps font. That picture does not show all the characters available in the font, however.

Large face alphabet keys in Mac KeyCaps

You may decide that you need greater legibility for the alphabet keys. This alternative set of characters has larger letters on the keys: while it looks a little less like a Mac keyboard, it will allow you to get away with using a smaller size and retain legibility.

Large face number pad keys in Mac KeyCaps

Exactly the same feature is available for the number pad, and pretty well everything else on the keyboard can be found in large, small and combined versions (where there are two characters on one key).

3 key with # symbol in Mac KeyCaps

American users are not forgotten: you may have noticed that the top row 3 key in the full keyboard illustration has a £ sign in the shifted position, as on a British keyboard. The version shown here with a # is also included.

Please note, however, that this is a very old font which can't now be edited, so unfortunately there is no € (Euro) symbol. Apologies to Continental European users.

Download Mac KeyCaps!

The stuffed file contains both PostScript Type 1 and TrueType versions of the font, along with full explanatory documentation and a comprehensive key reference chart. The font is shareware, details of which are in the documentation.

Mac KeyCaps  |  Fractal Music

Ancient After Dark modules

If you happen to be using a really ancient Mac (and there are plenty still out there), with an operating system earlier than Mac OS 9, you may also still be using Berkeley Systems' popular screen saver After Dark. If you are, then please help yourself to these two modules which were knocked up for a bit of fun many years ago. They still work! They've been used over the years on many different Macs, from an SE/30 to a G3, with no problems. That said, of course, no responsibility can be accepted for bringing your Mac to its knees.